6 Different Types of Affairs

A marital affair refers to a relationship, which may or may not be romantic or emotional, with someone other than your spouse or partner. According to recent surveys the average duration of an affair ranges from six months to two years, with most marital affairs lasting around 10 months.

Most affairs involve a level of physical intimacy, but not all. In some cases, affairs can even be conducted solely through online platforms, dating sites and apps without any face-to-face physical contact.

Physical affairs

Types Of Affair Relationships

If you have ever been involved in an affair, you'll know how complex and confusing it can be. It's impossible to deny the powerful feelings of passion and desire that typically come with this type of relationship, but it also carries significant risks. From emotional entanglements to legal implications, affairs are often more complicated than they appear at first glance - and understanding the different types can help you navigate them more safely and responsibly. In this article we'll take a look at 6 types of affair / marital affair relationships so that you can determine which one is right for whatever situation you may find yourself in.

1. Romantic affairs

Affairs can be romantic and referred to as an 'affair of the heart'. Romantic affairs usually involve sexual liaisons that include some level of emotional attachment.

Some romantic affairs can be uncommitted or non-monogamous relationships but this is rare and usually there is a deep romantic and emotional bond between the two individuals.

2. Physical or sexual affairs

Physical affairs are purely sexual relationships or arrangements and are often referred to as flings. They are often casual relationship between two people without the expectation of a more serious romantic relationship or commitment.

3. Emotional affairs

A platonic or non-sexual relationship could also be considered as an affair. An emotional affair may lack sexual intimacy but it involve a deep emotional connection with someone other than one's spouse or partner. While there may not be any sex in the relationship, there will be a strong emotional bond that can be just as consequential.

4. Cyber or virtual affairs

Not all affairs involve intimate or even physical contact. A cyber or online affair is one that takes place online or virtually though messaging, texting, social media, webcam or forums. It could be totally anonymous, or it could be between two people who know basic information about one another but have never met. Or it may take place online with individuals who have met before. A virtual affair usually has emotional or sexual undertones.

It's possible for individuals having a virtual affair to never meet in person but the emotional and possibly sexual connection can affect their main committed relationships.

5. Polyamorous or sanctioned affairs

In some cases, both partners may be aware and accepting of extramarital relationships, and the marriage is part of a broader polyamorous arrangement.

6. Workplace affairs

Affairs that develop in the workplace are quite common. Spending a significant amount of time with colleagues can lead to emotional connections that may turn into affairs.

Types of affairs

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